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Xtreme 9h Technologies is a pioneer in the Development & Manufacturing of High-Quality and Durable Nano Ceramic Car Coatings.

Currently, we are committed to supporting our thousands of customers and offer Friendly, (DIY) and long-lasting car care products Made in the USA!

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A Ceramic Car Coating is a liquid polymer which is applied by means of an applicator or spray to the exterior of a vehicle. The coating chemically bonds and absorbs into the vehicle’s Factory clear coat paint, glass, chrome and plastic lights creating a Nano layer of protection.

A Ceramic Car Coating offers Xtremely durable protection from scratches, water spots, sun fade and corrosion, and is a great alternative to carnuba wax, silicone’s or polishes.

Ceramic Car Coatings create a permanent bond and can last up to 5 years depending on driving conditions and the number of layers. Ceramic Car Coatings should be minimally maintained with the proper detailers and non abrasive car wash for long term protection.

Ceramic Car Coatings add an additional protection to your car’s exterior paint or glass and keep your vehicle like new with very minimal maintenance.

Xtreme Nano 9h Ceramic Car Coatings are Super Hydrophobic and Self-cleaning utilizing rain water to wash the dirt away like an automatic car wash resulting in less cleaning schedules and a newer car appearance. Here are some benefits:

If a vehicle is often exposed to sun, the paint starts to oxidize, fade which results in dull and faded paint. A layer of Xtreme Nano 9h Ceramic Car Coating protects and preserves a vehicle’s paint from the sun’s UV rays, thereby reducing the amount of oxidation or sun fade.

One of the most significant features of Xtreme Nano 9h Ceramic Car Coating is that it is Super Hydrophobic, which means that it has water repellent properties. When a vehicle is coated with our Hydrophobic Ceramic Car Coatings, water will repel the surfaces washing the dirt away. Mud and grime will have a difficult time bonding with the vehicle’s surfaces and can be removed with fewer efforts.

Xtreme Nano 9h Ceramic Car Coatings offer the highest level of DOI (Definition of Image) for an Amazing, Deep “Wet Look Shine!”

High Quality Ceramic Car Coatings like Xtreme Nano 9h will enhance and protect your car and will add resale value keeping your vehicle like New!

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