PLATINUM HD Ceramic Clear Coat – 3 Sizes



The Professional’s Choice!


PLATINUM HD is the easiest and simplest Wipe on Ceramic Clear Coat for car paint protection, and the only High Definition Professional Grade Ceramic Clear Coat on the market.

WET LOOK SHINE: Simply Wipe on and Wipe off with Microfiber Towel. DIY (Do It Yourself) for Professional Results!

PLATINUM HD CERAMIC CLEAR COAT IS PROFESSIONAL GRADE Si02 CAR COATING: Our Ceramic Clear Coat provides unmatched Protection, Shine and Wet Look Gloss! PLATINUM HD is the #1 Selling High Definition Wipe On Ceramic Car Coating sold to thousands of satisfied customers worldwide!

SHOW CAR SHINE: PLATINUM HD Offers mirror like shine and slick surface protection for your automotive paint surfaces. PLATINUM HD protects your car from bird droppings, bugs, water spots, contaminants and sun fading. Super Hydrophobic surface makes cleaning and maintenance Simple and Easy!

ALL WEATHER PROTECTION: PLATINUM HD CERAMIC CLEAR COAT provides a Nano Layer of Silicon Carbide and Si02 providing up to 4 Years of durability with proper care and maintenance.

PLATINUM HD will protect and enhance the shine you currently have and lower the maintenance. If you a have dull, oxidized, or scratched paint finish you will need to do some Paint Correction before applying PLATINUM HD for best results.

  • Highest Protection Against the Elements, Corrosion and UV Rays.
  • Highest Quality Gloss, Protection and Durability available.

Heat Resistant, Detergent Resistant and Anti-Static.

Step-by-Step detailed Instructions included with every purchase.

  • Super Easy to Apply: Wipe-On Wipe-Off in small sections at a time on a Properly Prepared Surface.
  • Can be layered for additional Shine, Depth and Protection.
  • Prevents Water Spots and Stains.
  • Works on any color Vehicle, Motorcycle, RV, Boat or Plane.
  • Super Hydrophobic Formula to Keep the Surfaces Cleaner, Longer!
  • Durable Protection Against the Elements, Corrosion and UV Rays.
  • Professional Grade Quality.
  • Produces the Ultimate Slick, Amazing Mirror like Shine!
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