Cobalt 9H Ceramic Clear Coat Spray KIT

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  • KIT Includes: 4oz Cobalt Ceramic Clear Coat Spray, 16oz CitraClean Prep-Wash & 4oz RAIN-Xtreme Quick Paint Detailer
  • Super Easy to Apply; Wipe-On Wipe-Off with a Properly Prepared Surface.
  • Can be layered for additional Shine, Depth and Protection.
  • Prevents Water Spots and Stains.
  • Works on any color Vehicle, Motorcycle, RV, Boat or Plane.
  • Durable Protection Against the Elements, Corrosion and UV Rays.
  • Military Grade Quality.
  • Produces a Slick, Mirror like Shine and Fills in Light Swirl Marks.
  • Made in the USA
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