Worlds #1 Seller of (DIY) Do It Yourself Ceramic Car Coatings

Since 2009 Xtreme 9h Technologies has been an emerging leader in the manufacturing of High-Quality Nano Ceramic Car Coatings.

Currently, we are dedicated to providing durable, long lasting, High Quality easy to apply Car Care products made in the U.S.A and sold worldwide.

Xtreme 9h Technologies is the exclusive manufacturer of Patented Dual Cure Chemistry Technology.

Protect your investment with the newest Ceramic Paint Protection technology with Superior Hydrophobic low maintenance, high durability, scratch resistant benefits.

Xtreme 9h Technologies present the next Generation in Nano 9h Ceramic Car Care Maintenance Products for the (DIY) in you! Why pay thousands of dollars when you can Do it Yourself.

Each of our Superior High-Quality Products are proudly MADE IN THE USA!

Xtreme Nano 9h Ceramic Coating products are designed to work on both exterior and interior surfaces. Our exterior products provide the Ultimate “Wet Look” Gloss and our interior products provide a Natural New Car Look!

Xtreme 9h Technologies started its journey to develop and manufacture high-grade Si02/TiO2 ( Silicon Dioxide/Titanium Dioxide) based Nano Technology Products in 2009.  At the beginning of the product development phase we focused on the Healthcare Industry applications. The products were specifically used in Hospitals and Nursing Homes.

Our key focus was to minimize the Growth, Development and spread of Harmful Bacteria, Microbes and Viruses. The First generation products are still used widely in hospitals across the globe.  A U.S. Patent was granted for this technology and assigned in 2012.

Currently, we are the pioneers in Professional Grade SiO2/TiO2 Nano Ceramic coatings and maintenance products for automotive paint and glass protection which offers long-term protection and durability.

We have a Loyal Customer base and have sold our products to thousands of satisfied customers in the USA and worldwide!

We provide our professional products and services to both Consumer and Professional markets. Our products are DIY friendly. With the current demand for new technology in the field of Nanotechnology Materials, we were successful in developing a unique niche in the market with our innovation and dedication. Our customer feedback has always been positive, re-orders and referral orders are a big part of our steady growth. 

Our team

Sam Ferguson


Sam Ferguson’s background and career started in the Industrial Finishing industry for Fortune 500 furniture manufacturers as a Product Development Specialist working on European furniture manufacturing methods and heading up large projects. Sam was responsible for developing custom furniture designs, manufacturing methods, equipment specification and utilizing advanced finishing technology.

These products were developed for the consumer and commercial markets. Along with furniture manufacturing Sam also worked as a consultant for many major chemical companies’ such as; DuPont, BASF, Bayer Material Science and other specialty chemical company’s developing advanced Nano Coating Technology and companion products for consumer and commercial uses.

One of Sam’s many high-profile projects were in the theme park industry and specifically involved with The Tree of Life at Walt Disney World Orlando, Florida.

Today, Sam co-owns and operates a large manufacturing facility producing Patented Nano Technology coatings for the Automotive industry.

Joanne Ferguson


My love for Cars started as a young girl when I used to watch my Dad restore cars as a hobby. I would watch him as he worked on them for hours and asked him a lot of questions like “What are you doing?” and “What’s that?” many times helping him and handing him tools while he was under the hood working on them.

On weekends, I would see him cleaning and maintaining his treasures with so much pride and accomplishment!

As I got older, I realized that my love for cars came from watching my father work and maintain his cars! I learned to appreciate and love them too!

At the young age of 18 I began my 34 year carrier in the Automotive Industry. I worked my way up to Office manager and Inventory Control manager for several large and high-end car dealerships in Florida.

Along the way I learned that hard work, pride and determination was an integral part of my work ethic and my many successes.

Soon after retiring from the Automotive Industry, I decided to join my husband and put my many years of knowledge and experience to work and support our growing business together.


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