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Founded in 2009, Xtreme 9H Technologies, LLC started its journey to develop and manufacture high-grade Si02/TiO2 ( Silicon Dioxide/Titanium Dioxide) based Nanotechnology Products.  At the beginning of the product development phase we focused on Healthcare Industry Applications, The products were specifically used in Hospitals and Nursing.

Our key focus was to minimize the Growth, Development and spread of Harmful Bacteria, Microbes and Viruses. The First generation products are still used widely in hospitals across the globe. A U.S. Patent was granted for this technology and assigned in 2012.

Currently, we are the pioneers in generating Military Grade SiO2 Nano ceramic coatings and maintenance products for automotive paint and glass protection which offers long-term protection and durability.

We have a strong Worldwide Customer base and have sold our products in abundance over the past few years.

We cater to the needs of both Consumer and professional market, Our products are DIY friendly. With the current demand for new technology in the field of Nanotechnology Materials, we were successful in developing a unique niche in the market with our innovation and dedication. Our customer feedback has always been positive, reorders and referral orders are a big part of our steady growth.


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A Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer which is applied by means of hands or spray to the exterior of a vehicle. The coating chemically bonds with the vehicle’s Factory paint and glass, creating a layer of protection.

A ceramic coating offers more durable protection from scratches and is an alternative to premium wax or polish. It creates a permanent bond with a vehicle’s paint, it doesn’t wash away or break down and doesn’t require any repeated application.

Ceramic coatings add an additional protection to your car’s exterior paint or glass and keep your vehicle like new with very minimal maintenance. The ceramic coating achieves this result by making a vehicle more durable and easy to clean. Here are some benefits:

If a vehicle is often exposed to the sun, the paint starts to oxidize which results in the dull and faded paint. A layer of ceramic coating protects a vehicle’s paint from the sun’s UV rays, thereby reducing the amount of oxidation or sun fade.

One of the most significant features of ceramic coating is that it is hydrophobic, which means that it has water repellent properties. When a vehicle is coated with the hydrophobic ceramic coating, water will slide off more easily. Mud and grime will have a difficult time bonding with the vehicle’s paint and can be removed with fewer efforts

The ceramic coating offers a “wet look” shine, a good Ceramic coating like Xtreme Nano 9H enhances the reflective properties of your car’s paint and clear coat will add a depth and value to your vehicle’s paint. It also comes with benefits like self-cleaning, spot resistance and UV protection.

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